Before my organizing session I felt overwhelmed, I thought I would never be able to sort through all the piles and boxes we had stored in the garage for decades. I feared things would be lost to me forever in the uncontrolled mess.
However, during the sessions with Katie, we were able to sort through everything, make sense of what would be kept, how to keep it, what no longer served us was sorted into donation, recycle, and trash bins.
After we were done I learned to get rid of things that are not of service to me, and how to neatly keep what I want to keep in  an organized way. I now go through my “things” in an ongoing continuous manner so as not to let it get out of hand.
Now I feel confident that I can continue to keep myself and my posessions in an orderly, manageable way so I don’t feel bogged down and cluttered, emotionally and physically.

Eileen C. -Long Valley, NJ