I am not going to lie – in the beginning I was apprehensive about coaching. However, after our in-depth initial clarity session, I already felt better. It gave us both a better understanding of where I was and the issues I wanted to work on. After that, I genuinely looked forward to our regular sessions.

One of the biggest challenges that Katie helped me with is is learning how to take time for myself. I learned that the word “change” doesn’t to be scary or have a negative connotation. I began to understand that uncertainty can be good, work/life balance is necessary, and what you consume can have major effects on your body and mood.

I now take a step back every once in awhile to see where I am and how far I have come, rather than constantly pushing forward to the next thing. I’m learning that it is ok to “slow down.”  With Katie’s program and guidance, I was able to go through this a period of uncertainly allowing myself to let transformation happen and to evolve into a happier, healthier and more confident person.

Colleen P. -Hoboken, NJ