Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, my mission is to help chronically busy women re-program their stressful and fast-paced lifestyle so they can feel vibrant, energetic, and nourished enough to pursue what they love.  I guide my clients toward a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them.  I lead my clients to implement lasting changes that will revitalize their energetic, mental and physical health.  Most importantly, I serve and support my clients by coaching them through the process of curating their ideal lifestyle through nutritional, organizational and energetic shifts thus allowing them to begin a new phase of life with intuition, grace, pleasure and ease.

Organizational Coaching

As a Certified Professional Organizer, my mission is to help my clients clear space in their homes and lives while also curating their ideal lifestyle by making environmental shifts.  I coach my clients through the emotional process of paring down physical possessions and organizing the ones they need so that they can feel lighter and live with more ease.  My nutritional training and background in fashion help me serve my clients in managing the two largest areas of clutter in a person’s home: their kitchen and wardrobe.  I work with the principles of re-design and I love to help my clients re-purpose items they already have in new ways.  I believe re-designing your environment is the quickest way to invite gratitude and new energy into your life without spending any money.  When organizing, I teach my clients that they typically already have everything they need.  Often things just need to be shifted around.

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