I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Professional Organizer, Retreat Host and Women’s Circle Leader. 

Before starting my business, I worked in Fashion PR for almost a decade.  Back then, I organized, edited and styled women’s clothing for magazine stories and catalog shoots. Today, I help women organize, edit, and style not just what they wear, but where and how they live and work. Together we create clear pathways so that they can get to work on what matters most to them, get paid well for what they do, and have fun along the way.

When I worked in Fashion, my goal was to create an image that was in alignment with the brand, story or campaign I was working on. Today, I coach my clients as they create images of their ideal day, business, financial goal, or body and the work is deeper. Now I know that the way something feels, the intention behind it, and being in integrity with yourself is equally– if not moreso– important than how it looks.

In my previous work, you could often find me running– literally running– around in a pair of high heels. I believed that there were never enough hours in the day and that my list of things to do would never end. Now, you can find me barefoot on the beach in Montauk leading wellness retreats for women or leading meditation in a New Moon Circle. I know that slowing down actually helps me to speed up, and that by doing less, I accomplish more.

I believe the most impactful changes are made gradually one small step at a time with an open heart, open mind, and lots of support. subtle shifts can lead to a lot of health and happiness in your daily life. 

Now, tell me more about YOU.

What is one area of your life you want to radically change or transform in 2021? It can be as small as your junk drawer or as big as your career or anything in between. Writing it down is the first step to claiming it and a proven practice for achieving your goals.

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Before working with Katie, I felt extremely overwhelmed. I was in the infant stages of starting my own business and I “couldn’t see the forest for the trees.” I didn’t know where to start, or where to best focus my time. When I started working with Katie, she quickly helped me get an organized plan together and broke my overall goals down into small, actionable steps. She has a knack for helping me get clear and feel confident about where I’m headed. I’m currently still working with her and I truly value our relationship, I don’t know where I’d be without her!

Angela E. -Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I am not going to lie – in the beginning I was apprehensive about coaching. However, after our in-depth initial clarity session, I already felt better.  Through our work together I began to create time for myself and I stopped being so afraid of change.

I now take a step back every once in awhile to see where I am and celebrate how far I have come, rather than constantly pushing forward to the next thing.  I’m learning that it is ok to “slow down.”  With Katie’s program and guidance, I was able to go through this a period of uncertainly around my career path allowing transformation to happen and as a result I evolved into a happier, healthier and more confident version of myself.

Colleen P. -Hoboken, NJ